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My name is Melody Lauer. In 2006 I told my husband I would get my permit to carry under four conditions:
1) I needed to choose my own gun.
2) I needed to get professional training.
3) I needed to practice regularly.
4) I needed to continue to get training on a regular basis.

My journey to fulfill those conditions led me to an indoor range where I practiced weekly and was eventually offered a job. Even though it meant leaving a job where I made twice what I was being offered. I enthusiastically accepted. That job gave me more experience and training in 6 months than most people gain in a lifetime. The people who worked there were dedicated shooters and trainers who started me on a path of realistic expectations for guns in the context of self defense. They also introduced me to this monster called IDPA.

In 2007 my husband took a transfer to VA and we moved into a little apartment across the street from a gun store. I went in a few days after our move just to poke around and came out with a new job.

In 2009 we moved to IA where we have stayed ever since. I’ve been many things since that move but that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to apply those four conditions.

In 2010 I admitted to myself that self defense was far more than just using a gun. I sought out a defensive knife class and then to learn empty hand skills and also some medical skills. That led me to Krav (now named modern combatives) and to becoming an EMT and to the gym for some much needed strength training.

In 2012 I asked myself where I wanted to go with all this self defense stuff and I decided that my goal is to become an accomplished firearms instructor.

It’s going to mean (and has been) a lot of hard work. I’ve had to take periods off to grow our family but the four conditions still apply.

I’ll never stop learning and competing and shooting and developing. I’ll never know it all and I don’t want to.

I have three beautiful babies and a wonderful life.
This is where I’ve been, I’ve got a long way to go….

➢ InSights Training Center, Inc. 2007
General Defensive Handgun
➢ National Rifle Association 2007
NRA Certified Instructor – Pistol, Home Firearm Safety
➢ Suarez International 2010
Force on Force
➢ Tactical Defense Institute 2010
Defensive Knife Training
➢ National Rifle Association 2011
NRA Certified Instructor – Refuse to Be A Victim
➢ Tactical Defense Institute 2012
Level I-III Handgun Training
➢ Tactical Defense Institute 2012
Partner Tactics Training
➢ Rangemaster 2013
Three-Day Firearms Instructor Development & Certification Course
➢ Tactical Defense Institute 2013
Extreme Close Quarters Training
➢ Shaw Martial Arts 2013
Modern Combatives – Orange Belt
➢ Rangemaster Tactical Conference 2014
➢ Active Response Training 2015
Unthinkable: Concepts and Techniques for the Gravest Extreme
➢ Rangemaster Tactical Conference 2015
➢ Cedar Valley Outfitters 2015
Fundamentals of Concealed Carry
➢ I.C.E Training 2015
Combat Focused Shooting
➢ I.C.E Training 2015
Advanced Pistol Handling
➢ Cornered Cat 2015
Instructor Development
➢ Controlled Chaos Arms 2015
Tac Rifle 1

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  1. Melody ~ thanks for your blog and all that you do. That was great reading!


  2. Melody, I am very inspired by your story! I am a certififed NRA instructor and I really want to help women tackle some issues and would love to speak with you! You are amazing lady! Please email me if you can 🙂


  3. Hey Melody,
    I think that you are a very welcome addition to “The Gun Nation “, I guess your sense of humor will be a big help. I especially enjoyed your column at Luckgunner about the 10 things you learned from your worst gun ever, a lesson we’ve all had to learn on occasion. I wish my daughters had your attitude!

    Stay safe.


  4. I greatly enjoyed your well-written destruction of the Kimber/1911/4+ myth. Your experiences with Kimber and the 1911 (actually, your Kimber is based more on the Browning High Power) match what I often see. Too many manufacturers and CC “experts” play to these preconceptions, all too often to the detriment of people who wish to carry. Thank you for having the courage to expose Kimber, their terrible designs, poor quality control, and the myth of the big-bore pocket auto.


  5. Melody absolutely enjoy all I’ve read. We need more like you. I grew up just outside Lima in spencerville. Anyway glad I found your site and I’ll pass it on to my wife. Fortunately she’s never found a gun she didn’t like. (or bought) ahem. Thanks again.



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